Using twenty years of college head coaching and recruiting experience, Chris Sperry’s unique insight into the competitive world of college baseball provides student-athletes and their families with a plan to prepare for life today, life in college, and life long after you’ve thrown your last pitch.

We can help you and your family:

  1. Navigate the steps required in order to obtain initial college eligibility
  2. Understand recruiting timelines, and the pressures that you and your prospective coaches are under
  3. Make sense of the recruiting process and the methods and strategies used by coaches to identify, attract, and gain commitments from prospective student-athletes
  4. Better understand the expectations placed on NCAA, NAIA, and JC student-athletes
  5. Know how scholarships work
  6. Focus light on the areas that must “fit” for YOU (Family Consultation)
  7. Thoroughly evaluate YOUR options (Family Consultation)


College and life guidance counseling services are available for families of student-athletes in grades 9-12 in both private and group formats.




SMALL GROUP SEMINAR (10-15 families)

The ideal place to start for teams, clubs, and academies looking to offer a higher level of service and preparation for their players.  // Contact Us for Scheduling and Prices


SCHOOL SEMINAR (unlimited)

Perfect for schools looking to build on a reputation for excellent student and family service.  // Contact Us for Scheduling and Prices



In addition to providing/reviewing the information outlined above, private consultation affords B/L the opportunity to guide you through a customized college search. Private family consultations are highly individualized and intended for a single student-athlete and his parents or legal guardians. They are recommended on an annual or bi-annual basis during the freshman and sophomore years in high school. More frequent meetings may be desired in the junior and senior years, if recruiting pressure and early selection become factors.

Specific goals include:

  1. Developing a list of target schools that fit your needs, and that provide the best chance to thrive academically, athletically, and socially
  2. Create a plan for communicating with college coaches that advances your search in a productive manner
  3. Guidance in evaluating the recruiting process, as well as the schools/baseball programs in which you have interest
  4. A plan for meeting admission requirements
  5. Supporting you and your family in making the right college decision for you

// Contact Us for Scheduling and Prices